Monday, September 1, 2008

The New York Times Treks up to Marx Brothers Place

Over the years, many a writer has made his or her way up the steep hill to Marx Brothers Place in Carnegie Hill. After all, anybody with a funny bone (actually, anybody with a pulse) has some tangential relationship, whether conscious or subconcious, with the brothers four (yes, we know that wasn't all of them!).

So, it wasn't a total surprise when the NY Times reporter Jake Mooney contacted us wanting to write a story for The Sunday NY Times about Marx Brothers Place. But whenever opening the door to a reporter, its wise to hold ones breath until one sees the finished product in print (as it were). I should know, I spent the first part of my career as a journalist and was always surprised at how willing people were to talk with the Press knowing full well that it was like talking to a double agent during the Cold War; if the reporter is any good at all - you really have no idea where he or she stands.

Needless to say, given The NY Times publication of an article in its Real Estate section, just the week before, which made Greystone Development's (the builder bent on ignoring the dictates of R8B zoning on this tiny residential block) demolition of three contiguous historic gardens (species habitats and ancient bird flyways) and deep drilling into an ancient rock ledge, without ever having done a geological survey or an environmental impact study, sound like a good thing for this fragile urban ecosystem, neighbors were both relieved and delighted when they opened The Sunday NY Times to find a very thoughtful and respectful piece in The City section about historic Marx Brothers Place. We hope you enjoy the story, too !

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