Monday, October 27, 2008

Harpo's Son Joins the Campaign !

His father had always told him just how much he loved his childhood home on East 93rd Street. So, when Harpo Marx's son heard about the Preservation Campaign to protect this incomparable historic block, and the Marx Brothers' childhood home, Bill Marx promptly wrote to the Chairman of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission asking the LPC to include Marx Brothers Place in the Carnegie Hill Historic District where it belongs.

Bill Marx believes that as a nation, it's imperative that we pay keen attention to our collective cultural history, so as not to forget who America was while continuing to define who she will become.

Harpo's son was also recently instrumental in getting his father's Ranch, El Rancho Harpo - where he lived late in life, designated as an historic site in California. Now Mr. Marx has turned his attention to East 93rd Street in the hopes that New York City will do the right thing and preserve the historic block where the childhood home of his famous father and uncles still stands.

Once word got out that Harpo's son was on board, it didn't take long for the story to make the rounds in NYC. Just check out these links:,,

And, of course, you can help, too ! Just click on this link and sign the 2 petitions to protect historic Marx Brothers Place: Thanks !

For more information about the campaign to preserve historic Marx Brothers Place, please contact the 93rd Street Beautification Association at or visit our blog at

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