Sunday, December 28, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Mayor Bloomberg Should Grant Holiday Wish for Marx Brothers Place !

The Top Ten Reasons NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg Should Grant the Holiday Wish for Marx Brothers Place:

10. It might get Woody Allen to drop his bid to run against the Mayor in '09 !

9. Free supply of Groucho glasses for life !

8. It would guarantee the Mayor a cameo in the new PBS documentary on the Marx Brothers.

7. Chico would finally call-off da boyz from da hood !

6. Folks might start believing the Mayor actually has both a heart & a sense of humor.

5. After the meltdown on Wall Street, all we've got left is the entertainment industry.

4. If they were good enough for Salvador Dali, T.S. Eliot & Harry Truman, who's this Bloomberg guy to stand in the way of the Marx Brothers ?

3. A cottage industry of Marx Brothers memorabilia could single-handedly underwrite the completition of the 2nd Avenue subway.

2. It will give people something to smile about this holiday season !

And the Number One Reason the Mayor Should Grant this Holiday Wish for Marx Brothers Place:

1. Because We The People said so !

(Thanks Dave)

Please help us inspire NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to use his considerable influence over the NY City Council - to honor the legacy of the world's greatest comic geniuses and NYC's cultural heritage by co-naming the Marx Brothers' childhood block - Marx Brothers Place !

YOU can help make this happen by clicking on this link: and cutting & pasting & sending the message to: (with a copy to: and TODAY !

Please make sure the Subject Line of your email reads: Marx Brothers Place !

Or just call the Mayor @ 212.788.2958 or 212.788.3245 and ask him to get everybody on board to grant this holiday wish for Marx Brothers Place !

And while we're at it, please don't forget to click on this link: so that YOU can sign the petition to co-name the block Marx Brothers Place !

Many thanks for your continued interest in historic Marx Brothers Place !

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