Monday, August 16, 2010

CB8 Landmarks Co-Chair Jane Parshall's Ethics Breach Taints Vote on Historic Marx Brothers Place in Carnegie Hill

Will NYC Community Board 8 do the right thing & toss the tainted full board vote on historic Marx Brothers Place?

After CB8 Landmarks Committee co-chair Jane Parshall publicly confessed to a conflict of interest - which ethically barred her from participating in the matter of historic Marx Brothers Place - this public servant - appointed by NYC Council Member Dan Garodnick - thumbed her nose at the public she serves and aggressively inserted herself into the matter anyway thereby poisoning the full board vote.

Now it's up to NYC - whether Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer; Public Advocate Bill de Blasio or CB8 itself - to make sure the Community Board 8 vote compromised by Parshall is immediately vacated and that historic Marx Brothers Place finally gets the process it is due.

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