Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NYC Must Vacate CB8 Vote on Marx Brothers Place

Please help save historic Marx Brothers Place by just cutting & pasting the message below & sending it to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer - with a copy to the 93rd Street Beautification Association - Many thanks for your continued support of Marx Brothers Place!

Now here's the letter for the Borough President:

Subject Line: Please Vacate CB8 Vote on Marx Brothers Place

Dear Borough President Scott Stringer,

We know from previous correspondence, that landmarking historic Marx Brothers Place has your full support. We also know that as Manhattan Borough President you have a strong and abiding interest in the public business of Community Board 8.

Therefore, in the interests of fairness and good public policy, we hereby respectfully request that you demand the July 21, 2010 CB8 Full Board vote on Marx Brothers Place be immediately vacated as the facts surrounding that particular CB8 vote require.



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Tabetha said...

As a helpful hint: post the link to this page in a facebook/myspace/whatever entry. The history the Association works to preserve is our national history, and shouldn't be a regional issue. Getting people from all over to participate would help bring attention to the great work being done to preserve our heritage!